No way to help parents

Tory Councillor Peter Griffiths at County Hall Chichester is “urging” parents to pay one month in advance for their children’s school meals “to ...As the cost of living continues to rise, this is one way to help parents...”

This is no way to help many parents in Crawley on low incomes, struggling to make ends meet for their family. Their monthly budget simply doesn’t allow them the luxury of paying for such things in advance - so they are unable to take advantage of the savings. In other words, many parents are financially punished for not being able to pay for something they have yet to receive.

If Cllr Peter Griffiths - who voted to axe hot meals in 1999 “to save money” - thinks “this is one way to help parents”, then I shudder to think what happens when Cllr Griffiths doesn’t “help parents” of children - for whom he has a legal duty of care.

Richard W. Symonds

SCRAM ,Campaign fo Hot School Meals and Playing Fields

Ifield, Crawley