Major traffic problems

Interesting how the main A29 trunk road in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, is being altered to allow vehicles to cross the southbound carriageway, to allow egress to the new Sainsbury’s. I can see the reason for the traffic lights at the Tesco’s exit, but to allow vehicles to stack in the slip lane that is being added northbound is going to cause major problems, it will only take about six vehicles before the tail back extends onto the main northbound carriageway. This is the lane that most people use to avoid the congestion for those turning left into various shopping outlets. It would be better to make the prospective visitors to Sainsbury’s, from the south, travel up to the roundabout at the north end of that section of dual carriageway. The same as the southbound visitors to Tesco’s have to go around the roundabout at the south end of that duel carriageway.

I cannot wait to see the resulting chaos, but look forward to saying “I told you so.”

Ken McCubbin

By email