Ludicrous if there are no jobs

With regard to the current debate of Arun’s Local Plan and the proposed housing development in Angmering by Barrats the builders, I would like to suggest that any development of housing needs the availability of jobs either locally or within a reasonable commuting distance, unless it’s for retired people.

Arun D C say in their local plan that they will provide business opportunities for these new housing estates, but they can only provide the planning consent for business premises, they cannot make them move here.

I would suggest that the geography of this area does not lend itself to business development.

Most businesses need easy access to their customers and the ability to ship products to customers readily, this is being hindered in Arun by the poor transport infrastructure that we are saddled with. Areas where business development seem to be healthy are places such as Gatwick and the M4 corridor where the infrastructure is very good.

With the Downs in the way to the north and the sea to the south most transport links have to be squeezed within a narrow East/West corridor.

Consequently in my view businesses will not be attracted to the area, and in the meantime people will have to continue to travel to where the work is e.g . Brighton, Crawley, Gatwick.

With the existence of the South Downs National Park it is unlikely that road improvements will take place to the north. To the East and West as everyone knows there are great bottlenecks on the roads which may take years to sort out.

The railway also has its own bottleneck of only two tracks in places and an improvement of this would need a massive investment.

This East/West corridor will continue to give a squeezing effect if development of housing continues with an increase in population.

There will be more traffic and even less land to make improvements to the transport infrastructure.

Consequently without the incentive for businesses to settle here, it seems ludicrous to allow these large housing estates being built if the jobs are not going to be available.

Patrick Mason

The Martlets