Low income families are penalised

The impact of the proposed cuts on the citizens of Crawley will be quite significant.

To non car drivers, the young people of the town and of course the senior citizens (who have already been hit by the delayed start time of the bus pass) to be able to go out and return by bus has been essential.

To use taxis is not an alternative due to the cost and with the current fuel crisis these fares will also be increasing.

One of the benefits of living in Crawley has been the public transport system. With this being downgraded many people will not be able to go out and about when they chose. It appears we are going back in time instead of encouraging people to use public transport.

The government are insisting we need to cut costs due to the huge debt the previous government has left us in (although we have not seen an audited result of this claim). How can we accomplish this if our means of cheaper transport is being taken away? Once again lower income families are being penalised.

J A Elmer, Tilgate