Lettetrs: Lindfield housing objections

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Your letters

For the 230 housing development in Lindfield to proceed, Wates need to provide an alternative recreational area to the current one – the new area was agreed by MSDC a few months ago, along with the 230 homes application.

Wates have now revised their plan for the recreational area, which merely changes the boundaries of the fields involved and is of no consequence.

However, I would raise some related objections. There have been two issues regrading this land that have been raised by local residents in the past – these have not been addressed by the new proposal.

1. Looking from the entrance at Lyoth Lane to where the narrow strip of “recreational” land opens out to the larger field area: at the point where the strip opens into the larger area, the ground is in a substantial dip, it is 20cm deep in mud and water from Autumn to Spring.

This access area needs to be filled in, to raise the level and prevent the inconvenience to users of negotiating the mud and water.

2. Halfway into the larger field area, the land is water-logged from Autumn to Spring – once again, this presents a barrier to users who would want to walk the full length of the field.

Drainage should be introduced for this part of the field.

All parties to the Housing Development acknowledge that the new Recreational Area should provide much the same facilities as the existing one – the current Recreational Area does not have problems with water and mud.

It is up to the MSDC to ensure that the obstacles and difficulties identified above, are covered.

Peter Frost

Lyoth Lane, Lindfield