Letters: Were you one of the Sussex Sapphires?

Your letters
Your letters

Calling all ex members of Mid Sussex Youth Marching Band (Sussex Sapphires).

In 1977 a marching band was formed locally by Nigel and Viv Tanner and Neville and Liz Jones which covered the Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and Lindfield areas of Mid Sussex.

Did you used to be a member and are you interested in a reunion?

We are having a get together hopefully in October to remember the fun and winning times we had all those years ago. We are trying to get as many ex members together for drinks, food, fun, laughter, photos, videos. great memories and possible playing of instruments.

If you are interested join us on Facebook at Mid Sussex Youth Marching Band, We were in it! or contact Elaine Taylor (Hilbourne) at elainet39@btinternet.com or 07787356491, Viv Tanner at vivientanner@aol.com or 07738338692, Jayne Cole (Tucker) at Jcole39@hotmail.co.uk or Vanessa Farley (Beeston) at Vanessaf19@tiscali.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you and to enjoying a great night.