LETTERS: Unacceptable to break promise North Horsham Development

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I have lived in Horsham since 1971 and in the 40-plus years since have seen considerable development with the continual loss of green fields.

When the northern bypass was constructed the council stated that it would be the northern boundary with no future development to the north which satisfied my concerns. To now say that this statement should not have been made is completely unacceptable and leaves me feeling I cannot trust the people who are making life-changing decisions.

I also question the statement that the development would not threaten the gap between Horsham and Crawley. With the Kilnwood Vale development now under way the gap is already reduced and measuring to the centre of Crawley is not relevant as it should be to the nearest housing.

The proposed North Horsham development is excessive and only this size to make it commercially viable to the developers. The housing needed can be constructed on brownfield sites with the loss of a supermarket, business park and railway station which are not needed anyway.

If the development of a hospital, which is needed, can be thrown out I am sure this proposed development will be refused as it goes against past promises, the will of most residents and suitable alternatives are available.

The council has the opportunity to defend our green space and I sincerely hope they have the sense and courage to take it.


Rook Way, Horsham