LETTERS: Just one step from a dictatorship

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John Steele of the Horsham Society raises a particularly relevant, indeed crucial, point (Political View, WSCT, October 10, 2013) concerning our Conservative-controlled HDC.

He states of publicly owned land and money that HDC refused to disclose details of a legal agreement and its financial stake arising in the proposed Waitrose development has produced ‘Secrecy that breeds suspicion’ which ‘is not good for democracy’.

He goes on to ask ‘What has gone so desperately wrong with a council that not so long ago prided itself on openness, accessibility and healthy debate’?

May I suggest that what has actually gone so dreadfully wrong is the adoption by HD Conservative-controlled Council of the EU Directive which in PM Blair’s time was launched upon our local traditional government scene, namely the cabinet system. Which system by its very nature and EU intention is designed to become authoritarian, just one step or so away from dictatorship.

At my age I am, since the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, initialled by Francis Maude, Conservative MP for Horsham, a citizen of the EU State, now destined to die with an EU Stamp on my Death Certificate.

Yet I was born a free man subject to our Monarch who would defend me from any excesses of Parliamentary administration according to our then Constitution and as evidenced by my English Birth Certificate.

Well now, with nineteen and a half years of UKIP membership behind me, I intend to retrieve my birthright, my liberty, and in so doing witness our exit from the EU, the abolition of our HDC invidious Cabinet System with the re-institution of our tried and trusted committee system with its healthy debate, and enjoy the restoration of our Sovereignty in my lifetime.

You are all invited to join us, as the ballot box beckons!


Stane Street, Adversane