LETTER: Youngsters unable to find paid work

Your letters
Your letters

Further to your recent survey about pocket money, we give our son pocket money as since

leaving school last year he has been unable to get a job, even a part time job.

We normally ask him to do some chores around the home to get pocket money as we feel he should understand the real value of money.

He is attending Brinsbury College twice a week (full time course) doing a landscaping course, and this costs us £20 p/w for his travel etc.

He has tried for part time work, but has not been successful mainly due to his age and health and safety.

Ideally he would want to work for a landscape gardener and we are going to send his details to several companies in Horsham.

We are sure we are not the only parents in this situation.

Is there an article you could write in your newspaper highlighting his problem and others alike.

Because school leavers have to attend further education I would think many parents would be in the same situation.

Hence this is why the unemployment figures have gone down.


Churchill Avenue, Horsham