Letter: You can’t call this a bypass

Referring to the letter from Richard Foster of Angmering (WSG February 8) the fact that some maps mark Arundel (incorrectly) with a bypass does not make it so. 

A ‘temporary’single carriage road that splits a town into two parts can hardly be described as a bypass. If those who seem to be under some misapprehension would try walking from, say, Tarrant Street and King Street to the doctors’ surgery, the pharmacist, the C of E Primary School and the Baptist Church or from Canada Road, Ford Road, etc  to the shops, the library, the other two churches and the RC Primary School or visit Arundel Hospital from any part of the town, then perhaps they would understand the true situation.

In addition, the residents in many parts of Arundel have to put up with the unpleasantness created from such a heavy flow of vehicles.  

There is also the problem of a very narrow and inadequate bridge over the railway with its accidents and other problems as well as the disruption when it has to be strengthened yet again. 

Joan S Brown (Mrs)

The Causeway