LETTER: Write for Rights to make a difference

Your letters
Your letters

Members of Horsham Amnesty Group are encouraging local people to show their solidarity with prisoners of conscience around the world this winter as part of Amnesty’s annual Write for Rights campaign.

During the morning of Saturday December 7 the group will be inviting members of the public to drop into the Friends Meeting House, Worthing Road, to sign greetings cards.

The campaign, which runs throughout November and December, asks the UK public to send personal messages of support solidarity to people behind bars, or whose lives are in serious danger, simply for exercising their human rights.

They are people like Brazilian Laísa Santos whose life is threatened for her work protecting the local environment, Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega imprisoned for writing an article criticising the government and Tunisian Jabeur Mejri, sentenced to seven years in prison for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression.

We tend to take human rights for granted here but in much of the world speaking your mind is a hazardous occupation and can land you in jail.

Letters of solidarity can make a real difference to people imprisoned, or in danger, for exercising their human rights. It reminds them they are not alone, and by showing the authorities that the world knows what’s going on, it can help to secure a prisoner’s release, stop the harassment or change an unjust law.

It would be fantastic if as many people in Horsham as possible could put pen to paper and get writing. Together we are powerful and can make a real difference.

For more information about Write for Rights, including details of the cases and how to send a message of solidarity, visit www.amnesty.org.uk/write


Horsham Amnesty Group, Worthing Road, Horsham