Letter: Why was this tree chopped down?

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Your letters

I, and a few others I am sure, would like to know why a large mature tree at the junction of Bolding Way and Rocky Lane next to the flats had to come down.

Was it diseased, dangerous or in the way of Rocky Lane traffic present/future by-pass traffic?

Have heard it was accidentally taken down but that would need verifying. I believe other smaller trees/shrubs were tidied away too between the destroyed tree and the large roundabout.Going the other way on Rocky Lane from Bolding Way there was a pathway behind the houses that had a good variety of trees and shrubs edging Rocky Lane.

Many of these have been removed and or pushed back at an angle as the new verge is piled high with soil. I thought it was a bit late in the season re bird nesting (there is a Protection for Birds Act unless that has been altered) A useful new crossing has been made near there.

But I thought the developers and planners could have tackled the trees and shrubs earlier because they would have known of their plans well in advance. So many trees, shrubs and hedges have come down in this area to make way for the by-pass and yet more houses.

I often wonder what becomes of all the creatures large and small who have lost their habitats. I do realise people need homes particularly the right homes at the right prices but so does the natural world and we have to protect it as much as we can as it is interlinked with our lives too.

So I wonder if you would be able to find out some answers to my query.

Leila Wilson,

By email