LETTER: Who will answer key questions?

Your letters
Your letters

A number of key issues from various hustings, still remain to be addressed, as indicated below. Who is going to pick up the gauntlet?

1. Cutbacks have hit vulnerable people, despite £120bn of Government waste (TPA) plus over £25bn other identified savings. We don’t need more cuts - we just need strong leaders to stop the waste and divert the savings.

2. MPs had an 11% pay rise, while many have had no real rise for years. After expenses and cash for questions scandals, they took control of the media (via Leveson) saying “we are all in this together”!

3. The Chancellor can only claw back £5bn of £120bn pa in tax avoidance, since he can’t change the law - because a founding EU Treaty allows big companies to move income to a country of their preference – Christopher Booker.

4. With many low paid jobs, on in-work benefits, tax revenue has not risen proportionally – and the UK Deficit is still £90bn. We must raise skill levels and relieve Small to Medium Sized businesses of stifling EU regulations and iniquitous Business Rates.

5. Arbitrary renewable targets caused energy prices to rise, increasing fuel poverty, with energy intensive industries moving to China, India and the like – where they emit more CO2 per kWhr than before. In the process we also lost jobs. Must do better.

6. EU membership cost estimates range from around £60bn pa to £185bn pa – as seen on http://www.timcongdon4ukip.com/docs/EU2014.pdf, including the cost of meeting regulations. Imagine how we might better use that money?

Despite the Euro Election results, Juncker and Merkel say that EU treaties (including border control) are not up for negotiation. So, do you accept the slide into ever-closer union with the EU, with regulations, foreign policy, economic policy and (ultimately) our armed forces ultimately controlled by Brussels?

Or do you want to stop that slide, by putting some UKIP backbone in Parliament, to hold Mr Cameron’s feet to the fire, in his so called ”negotiations” - which Mrs Merkel and Mr Juncker continue to treat with contempt?

When you look back in 25 years time and the EU’s share of world GDP has fallen below 10%, our Parliament is virtually redundant and we have EU military conscription - will you wish that you had voted differently in 2015?

To avoid that risk, please give us the MPs and councillors and we will fight to put you back in control, to make politicians accountable to you - once again. With tenacity, we can regain control of our destiny, but there may not be too much time left to do it.

Roger Arthur

UKIP parliamentary candidate for Horsham and Roffey South on Horsham District Council

Melrose Place, Storrington