LETTER: When is council going to get a grip?

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Your letters

I live in a cul-de-sac area of two roads; this means that every vehicle that visits the area must come in and go out through the same portal. The roads of the cul-de-sac are in a controlled parking area that has double yellow lines on one side and controlled parking bays on the other side of each road.

During the day when the parking bays are occupied by vehicles belonging to people who do not live locally but have permits to park here, all vehicles must travel along one side of the road coming in and the same side going out.

Both the roads in the cul-de-sac are amply supplied with potholes of ever-increasing area and depth and because of the vehicles parked in the bays, there is no possibility of driving around these holes to miss them and so all vehicles find themselves driving through them.

The Acorn vehicles visit the area generally mid-late morning (twice a week) when the parking bays are mostly occupied.

After the winter of 2011, the council inspected the holes and drew white boxes around them presumably to indicate the areas for repair.

These areas were reasonably generous and indicated that the repair was to be more than just filling in the holes with some tarmacadam. In two years, nothing has been done except for the filling-in of a few holes with tarmacadam that has now been ripped out by the passage of traffic driving through them for the reasons set out above.

Now you may think that a cul-de-sac gets less traffic than a through road and should therefore suffer less wear but these holes are now very deep and a danger to all vehicles including cycles.

When is the council going to get a grip on the appalling state of the roads here and in Horsham generally?

I see that work has started on relaying the blocks in West Street which surely needs doing but surely they are a much less urgent requirement than the repair of thoroughfares.


Springfield Crescent, Horsham