LETTER: What was point of this disruption?

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Your letters

At 5.50am on September 11, my entire street was woken up, in the dark, by a street sweeper truck making a huge noise, complete with yellow flashing light.

Moving at 5mph it travelled up our quiet cul de sac and back again, hoover and brushes roaring away. To be in Thatchers Close at that time it must have set out much earlier and already woken up hundreds of people.

Apart from the disruption of our sleep – what was the point? In 11 years I have never seen litter of any kind in any of the streets on the Chennels Way estate, this was a complete waste of money – it must have cost thousands of pounds.

It’s too early to claim autumn leaves as the reason and anyway, we have no trees!

It would be good to see an answer from HDC as to why it was thought this was necessary and that it should be conducted so early in the morning.


Thatchers Close, Horsham