LETTER: What happened to bicycle symbols?

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Your letters

A few months ago some garish green signs were painted on the roads at strategic junctions in Horsham town centre, adorned with some white painted symbols of bicycles; these, we were told, would heighten motorists’ awareness of cyclists and add to the safety of cyclists at the junctions.

Those such as myself with a penchant for noticing such things (how sad can you get?) have observed that these white bicycle symbols have been obliterated and just the green boxes remain.

What is the significance of this? I trust it is not an open invitation for impatient drivers to adopt the cavalier attitude to cyclists which was prevalent before the signs were introduced.

Seriously though, what was the point of painting them in the first place and then removing them a few months later?

Wrong kind of paint perhaps? Or is it just another example of HDC wasting council tax payers’ money?


Primrose Copse, Horsham