LETTER: Well done to MPs for 11 per cent rise

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Your letters

It was comforting to read that Francis Maude (MP’s column, Horsham edition October 16) believes the system of yearly increments, which take midwives to a professional level of pay within nine years of practice, should be abolished.

I trust that this means all midwives, within one year of qualification, will be paid a salary commensurate with the full skill-set and level of accountability which they hold, rather than the derisory salary which they are currently paid in their first years of practice.

Following his assertion that pay must only increase in line with the acquisition of further skills, I must congratulate him, along with his fellow MPs, for a phenomenal year of professional development, which has seen them award themselves a whopping 11 per cent pay rise.

Well done!


Midwife, Bedford Road, Horsham