Letter: We’ll fight Crawley surgery move

Your views
Your views

I have come to know that NHS Crawley want to move the Northgate Surgery to Crosskeys in the town.

The idea to move it to the town was tried in 2012 but did not happen due to sheer opposition.

The ageing population in Northgate is 75 per cent and with the passage of time it is growing faster and faster due to medical advancement technology.

The other day I saw a lady with twins in a pushchair trying with great difficulty to board a bus into town.

For the elderly to attend a surgery in town to obtain a prescription it will be an enormous problem.

It is injudicious and unjustifiable to put the health facilities - Northgate Surgery and Crawley Health Centre - too close to each other just at the distance of three minutes’ walk.

Crawley Health Centre is coping quite adequately to attend to patients.

Moving of Northgate Surgery will have a detrimental and adverse effects to our local businesses in general.

We are still feeling the shock of closing our local post office in Northgate.

Local services are for the local population for their convenience and not mental harassment and physical exertions.

We will oppose any such move with tooth and nail.

Muhammad Umar Khan, Northgate