LETTER: Voters see through UKIP rhetoric

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Your letters

Oh dear, so now we have the prospect of the turncoat Horsham district councillor for Chanctonbury ward standing for Parliament in 2015. Rather like a naughty school boy, he then threatens exposure of wrong doings by his former colleagues as part of his election strategy.

Hopefully the electors of Horsham will have the good sense to see through vacuous assertions of Mr Arthur and his arrogant, xenophobic, little Englander, right wing rhetoric and vote for parties that have a record of delivery in Government and have spelled out their policy priorities in well researched and costed manifestos.

His party offers a policy vacuum on anything other than the EU and immigration. What are UKIP’s policies and priorities on such issues as health, education, welfare, social services, housing, defence, trade, devolution, taxation, law, infrastructure development and the environment? These questions have been asked before of Mr Arthur and his cronies by me and others without the courtesy of a reply.

How are the electors of Horsham to know what they are voting for without such basic information on key policies from one of their aspiring candidates?

One might have a modicum of respect for Mr Arthur if, having chosen to switch his allegiance, he put himself up for re-election under his new colours to let the electors of Chanctonbury decide for themselves if they want their district councillor to represent a party whose primary objectives are completely irrelevant to Horsham District; but he has denied them that option.

Such arrogance does not bode well for his behaviour as either a candidate or, heaven forbid, future MP!


Smithbarn, Horsham