LETTER: Vital ingredients in planning ahead

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Your letters

We can accept that some house building is inevitable, but dare we hope that all councils (national and local) consider all the following points?

1. Brownfield sites and derelict building sites would cause minimum loss of our farmland and countryside.

2. Whatever is built ought to include most or all of these considerations:

a) Solar power

b) Heat exchange

c) Double glazing

d) Soakaways to put rainwater back into the ground (and reduce run-off)

e) Built-in rainwater butts

f) Judicious tree-planting

g) Green/park areas with trees, open spaces and ‘wild meadow’ areas

h) Schools, local shops, usual amenities of course

i) Very varied housing on each site, including small and larger buildings

j) Good public transport

k) Parking areas with ‘figure-8’ concrete ‘paving’ to allow rain to percolate; this could be used on drives too

3. Common-sense and consideration for the future above profit.


Blacksmiths Close, Ashington