LETTER: Vicious campaign against councillor

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Your letters

It’s a strange world, it appears that everyone wishes to publicly and privately carry out a vicious and vitriolic campaign against a councillor who has obtained a nomination, and is chosen by the local Association, Henfield is a short 15 min drive from Horsham, then we see another person obtaining a nomination in Roffey South, which is in fact 35 minute drive from where he lives.

Ok, to name names, councillor Helena Croft, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member, the hardest working person I have ever met, then we have councillor Roger Arthur from Storrington standing in Roffey South. From the world not a whisper.

Is this the same councillor who was voted in as deputy leader of the council, who helped compile the last Tory local election manifesto, supported his party policies, then out of the blue jumped ship to join UKIP, telling everyone he has a magic wand to make everything better.

Should he be elected, will he be available on a daily basis to serve his ward. Having spent 45 years in Roffey I know the area well and what residents would like. I can be seen in Roffey on a daily basis and able to address their needs. Bleating on about immigration and leaving the EEC are indeed issues we all feel strongly about, but local politics and local governance are completely different as he will know.

Roy Cornell

(Con, Roffey South) Horsham District Council, North Street, Horsham