Letter: Valid observation from Crawley MP

Your views
Your views

That Henry Smith has used a colloquialism to describe Mr Putin is not something that we should be concerned about.

Not only does it seem a valid observation but politicians with a bit more fight would greatly improve the state of the nation and the lives of all of us.

That any Britain should object to our small island being called a small island is silly. That this small group of Islands held the world’s history in its hand and acquitted its self well (not perfect, but better than the rest) is all the greater because of that. We are proud of that.

It does sometimes seem that non-one listens to us, but Britain remains present on the world stage and we continue to have more influence than our size suggests. Why would we care about what someone like Putin says?

The real problem is that Henry Smith and many other politicians do not express their values in a more robust way more often.

There are many things about which it would be good to hear Henry express a more robust opinion: Senior members of the Government contradicting each other on the importance of the number of bedrooms in a home, senior members telling lies about the Government’s own statistic and about immigration and cats. And how about the relationship between Cuadrilla and senior members of the Government?

Come on Henry tells us, in real English, what you really think about the government that allowed those chemicals to be sold to Syria. Tell us what you think when councils have child protection failures. Tells us what you really think about large multi-billion pound companies dodging tax.

Richard Miller, via email