Letter: Use your vote

Your views
Your views

I would like to congratulate Micheal Pickett on his win in Southgate. Also commiserations to Jan especially seeing as it was close and of course Arshad.

My thanks especially to the 277 who came out and voted for me in terrible weather conditions.

Although this result could have been much better, remember Karl Williamson was a Conservative win, at least this was UKIP and we are on the ballot papers and can field however many candidates are needed.

The rest is up to you though and dont forget despite what the Conservatives say a vote for UKIP is only a vote for UKIP. In May if all the UKIP candidates had won we could have taken joint control of the council. It takes courage to break away from a regular habit but if you all want change and you’ve all signalled you do then its there just waiting to be picked. even if we only become the new opposition that would change things significantly for Crawley residents.

Thanks and grattitude also to my team Lee and Karl and various members and supporters who helped over the last couple of weeks. Giving up or even having spare time for someone elses cause takes enthuisasm and if Iget into No.10 one day you wont pay tax ever again!

Finally I would just like to thank the council from the Chief Executive to Jill and Andrew for all the admin and scheduling they have to do and to all the council staff who have an at least an 6am - 11pm day. A lot more goes into any election than people sometimes think which is why people should use their vote and not waste it.

Simon Darroch, UKIP