LETTER: Unstoppable housing sprawl

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Your letters

Your excellent coverage of the reaction of Barns Green residents to the latest application to build even more houses in the village (63 homes on fields adjacent to Sandhills Road, Planning Application DC/15/0029 refers), goes a long way to portraying the dismay and angst felt by villagers at the prospect of the further rape of neighbouring countryside and destruction of the village’s unique community spirit.

Faced with further urbanisation all round with additional housing planned for Southwater, Billingshurst, Mannings Heath and West of Horsham, Barns Green is in real danger of losing its identity to creeping and apparently unstoppable housing sprawl.

This has got to stop before Barns Green is engulfed by concrete, making Horsham and its environs into something of a latter-day Milton Keynes.

We do not want concrete cows in what few green spaces may survive - we want to keep real cows in real fields!

Much has been heard of the current cry for increased ‘localism’ by our political leaders.

If that mantra is to have any credibility at all, it is high time that the authorities took heed of it and the multifarious objections to this latest palnning application raised to date by Barns Green villagers taken to heart.

We earnestly require, therefore, that Horsham District Council reflects the views of the local inhabitants and vigorously rejects Planning Application DC/15/0029.


Sandhills Road, Barns Green