LETTER: Unsatisfactory for GPs and patients

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Your letters

General Practice services in nearly all areas of the country, but specifically Horsham, have become increasingly unsatisfactory for both doctors and patients alike over the last decade.

Dr Heath`s article in the WSCT of 21st August analyses the problems that we now find, and their causes, as well as proposing a very clearly thought out solution.

Nobody could be better qualified to do so than he. Having also worked in providing such services (at Orchard Surgery) from 1970 to 1990, and thereafter in other medical services but still in close contact with the GPs in the area, I wish to add my voice and say that he is absolutely right in every aspect.

He should be listened to with care by everyone whose job it is to ensure that the immediate area of Horsham gets efficient, knowledgeable and above all caring, General Practice cover into the future.

Buildings are not what makes a good General Practice; it is the doctors, their relationship with each other and their staff, and the relationship they build with their patients by providing continuity of personal care.

The Government must allow them to do this by not imposing non-productive bureaucracy and paperwork upon them.

Then the General Practitioners themselves will rediscover the professional satisfaction that General Practice can certainly provide.

Both they and their patients will benefit enormously. It can be done.


Marlhurst, Southwater