LETTER: Ultimate sacrifice is remembered

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Your letters

Every year has anniversaries of happenings in our lives or in a nation’s life. 2014, of course, sees the centenary of the commencement of the Great War, WWI.

When my wife and I moved recently to a new house at Wickhurst Green, Broadbridge Heath, we were impressed to discover that roads and types of houses on the estate had been named after local heroes who gave their lives in that fateful conflict, and whose names are found on the village war memorial.

It seemed appropriate that those who made that supreme sacrifice should be remembered in the building of a new estate a century on.

In three weeks’ time the annual ‘remembrance’ of the One who made the ultimate sacrifice for the world comes round.

On Good Friday Christians in churches and in Horsham Carfax will be remembering with thanksgiving the Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life on the cross taking the penalty for our sins that we might have God’s forgiveness and his new life. Just as he rose back to life, so Easter Sunday’s message assures all who believe in Jesus of ultimate resurrection to eternal life.


Elder, Rehoboth Baptist Church, New Street, Horsham