LETTER: UKIP is the only party I can trust

I am over 70 and until last Thursday I had always voted Conservative in every election since I got the vote when I was 21. This time I voted UKIP because they are the only party who I can now trust and the only party who understands the real concerns of ordinary people on important things like immigration.

I will not consider voting Conservative again until they get rid of all their publicly educated posh boys, Etonians and career politicians and start having ordinary local people who have had to work for a living as candidates and who know and understand the real issues.

We don’t need other outsiders parachuted in by Conservative Central office.

Did Francis Maude deliberately pretend that he could get us a hospital in north Horsham when he knew in reality it would never happen?

Was his real interest to make sure he and Henry Smith were elected at the last general election?

For him now to pass the buck to the local GPs and then blame them for no hospital is terrible but typical of the man who no longer deserves to be our MP.


Pondtail Road, Horsham