Letter: Two-way Crawley election fight boasting

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I recently wrote a letter to point out that Cllr Karl Williamson had wrongly boasted in his Observer column that “UKIP pushed the Conservatives into third place in nearly all of the divisions” in last year’s county council elections.

This was completely incorrect and only happened in two out of the nine county divisions in Crawley.

In this week’s column, he continued to misrepresent the results of last year’s county elections by boasting that the local elections this year will be “a two-way fight between UKIP and Labour and the County elections last May proved that.”

This is false. Last year Crawley elected 6 Labour 3 Conservative and 0 UKIP county councillors, with a total vote share of Labour 38% Conservative 35% and UKIP 21%.

For Cllr Williamson to continue to mislead your readers on the same topic where he has already been proven to be completely wrong, shows contempt for your readership and leaves the credibility of his weekly column in tatters.

Alan Quine, Pound Hill