Letter: Turn down the music!

WHILE wishing every success to the new organisers of the Arundel Festival, might the residents, office workers and shop owners etc once again ask that the amplification of the music from the Jubilee Gardens (which are owned by the Arun District Council) plus the amount of time allocated to the noise be considerably reduced.

This is not a new problem. Over the last three years, at least, the organisers and council members have been approached to address this problem, to no avail. To them, I would say try living and working in the centre of Arundel during the festival and see how you cope with eight hours of non-stop noise for 11 days. Why do we need amplification at all? The audience can hear perfectly well without it.

The main noise comes from the Northbrook College events who I believe supply the stage and amplification equipments. Part of their publicity last year quoted “over 20 bands booked for two weekends” along with other Festival offerings such as “Screaming Lez and the Mindbenders” in a 9pm-10.30pm slot.

Does Northbrook College, which prides itself as “one of the pre-eminent providers of creative music production” not also have a classical music department which could provide variety to the Festival? If not, then why not invite other musical departments, eg Chichester College University, to participate?

Patricia Warren

Martlets Court

Queen Street