LETTER: Tranquility will be gone forever

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Your letters

No, double-glazing does not stop the boom nor the screams of planes that use our skies as a free for all daily. Sit outside and you get the full force of an aircraft boom. The noise of planes 2,000ft and 7,000ft drowns out birdsong of a day and TV shows of an evening, and my historic village is not on the flightpath yet!

This ‘I’m Alright Jack’ attitude from councillors that live in Chichester or those that have CVs heaped in aviation do not seem to be listening to us residents that will suffer the fallout of mass housing in our county if Gatwick is allowed to build another runway - 40,000 houses is the figure that WSCC, Crawley Borough Council and Gatwick Diamond consultants reported!

A platform is being given by HDC on 13th February only to those that seek to prosper from our area but us ‘sad’ residents are only allowed ten SELECTED questions to be asked. Us residents that voted and put these councillors in a position of power and yet they decided to only showcase the likes of Gatwick Diamond.

Us ‘sad’ residents have paid our council tax so shouldn’t we have a say about the destruction of our area?

I feel sorry for all those people buying new homes that do not know that these councillors, and the likes of Gatwick and Gatwick Diamond, are trying to turn our area into Hounslow with all the social issues connected to lack of infrastructure.

The number of homes already being built places a burden on an already struggling system let alone the anticipated number required to feed an airport as big as Heathrow.

They wish to build a new runway, the size of 1,875-plus football pitches in the floodplain, and line our roads with industrial units which brings with them fleets of HGVs.

Is it common sense after all the flooding, with so many homes being flooded, that Gatwick wants to build on the floodplains!

We all saw headlines of 100 flights cancelled and stranded passengers and we all suffered the flooded roads and rail landslides. Water does not disappear it is just dispersed into other areas. ‘I’m Alright Jack’ again.

We can rejoice our Sussex history but what legacy are we leaving future generations as they will look back on this council the same way as we look at those that allowed Tower Hamlets to be built.

Make the most of the tranquility of events at Knepp Castle now, as that will be gone forever as will the tranquility of West Sussex, Surrey and Kent. This is not just about Crawley or a few villages; this is about all our lives being affected for the worse.

You have to ask, where is the democracy? By the time of the elections in May 2015 it will be too late to stop these councillors from bringing economic gridlock to our area.

I wonder when they need an ambulance and it is stuck in traffic and can’t reach them, or need a hospital bed and it is not available, whether they will look back to the disastrous consequence of their actions.


Mayes Lane, Warnham