LETTER: Tired of peace being shattered

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Your letters

As I type this it is just after 7am on Sunday morning. I have again been listening to the droning sound of planes taking off over Warnham since just after 6am and I am tired!

Tired of the noise, tired of our peace being shattered by the decision to run a six month new flight path trial without any consultation with those affected by it.

It is a beautiful, bright, spring day today – Warnham village green has rarely looked more beautiful with the sun highlighting the stunning yellow daffodils and the sky as blue as can be.

This used to be a special place to live, a place where one felt blessed to be a resident. Not any more. Why must peaceful, rural locations constantly suffer at the hands of those who make decisions that the need for speed outweighs everything?

These people are making decisions about the lives of people in locations far from where they live themselves. Shame on them!

This letter has taken only a few moments to type – during which time three planes have gone overhead. I shudder to imagine what it will be like living here in the peak holiday season if the decision becomes a permanent one.


School Hill, Warnham