LETTER: Timeline missing for Kingsfold plan

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Your letters

In response to the letter by Andrew Mitchell (WSCT, 2.10.14) regarding the plans for 10,000 homes between Warnham and Kingsfold that have been announced (WSCT, 25.9.14, p1 Horsham) Cllr Vickers wanted to put the record straight.

She wrote to this paper (‘Kingsfold plan not submitted’, 9.10.14, p38) seeking to explain ‘…why a plan for up to 10,000 more houses at Warnham and Kingsfold has not been discussed by the council, in public, over the last 18 months’.

I note that Mrs Vickers in her letter chooses her words with great care. She stated that ‘no formal submission of this site was made to the council…’

But what about informal approaches? Of course Cllr Vickers doesn’t tell us about that and what meetings, telephone calls or correspondence the council has had with the landowner and their agent (Maddox Associates) regarding their plans and what discussions may have been held privately and informally.

The public are not fools and over the past 18 months they have become wise to the machinations deployed by senior Tory councillors to keep things from the electorate. Cllr Vickers’ meetings held in secret, councillors gagged and punished at meetings presided by Cllrs Dawe and police called by Cllr Circus (when chairman) to a member of the public whose legitimate question to the council he refused to allow an answer to be given.

So Cllr Vickers and Cllr Croft (who is in charge of HDC communications with the public), should tell us when the landowners and/or their agents wrote to HDC for the first time. Was it before HDC’s Proposed Strategy was publicly consulted upon?

We are not talking about when the final Kingsfold plan was submitted but rather when did dialogue first begin (letter, telephone, meetings).

As Cllr Vickers will be well aware the council often provides general guidance to planning agents before any plan is submitted to a council.


Tennyson Close, Horsham