LETTER: Time to engage with energy issues

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Your letters

I should like to add my concern to the topics expressed by Diana Pospisil of Balcombe (CT letters August 15 2013).

It is time for communities to be more engaged on decisions affecting future energy needs and mode of supply. Experience and history of the successive Governments since 1945 to tackle long term energy infrastructure policy has highlighted doctrinaire/muddied directives to secure energy needs, e.g. coal, nuclear, North Sea gas, all of which are coming to the end of their lives!

The present Government has now embarked on its next energy salvation - ‘Frack For Gas Campaign’.

Once again, it is a short term experiment with potential environmental consequences for generations to come.

Why has tidal, wave and hydro schemes been neglected? These natural resources are abundant in the UK and examples of such schemes and projects have them operational for many years.

However, due to Governmental impotence and long term environmental vision, such schemes have been sidelined and starved of investment!

The large public gathering at Balcombe demonstrates the feeling and opposition to fracking for gas by Cuadrilla.

It is also a signal to Government to rethink its long term energy needs and environmental safeguards for future generations.

Neglect it at its peril!!

John Burns

Faircox Lane, Henfield