LETTER: Time to confront spin and deception

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Your letters

Whilst it was good see Neil Whitear’s positive response to my letter of 27th February, I note that the leader of HDC continues to maintain a stony silence, on his Local Plan for new housing, which is clearly not sustainable.

Also encouraging was the article on page 60 of last week’s County Times, where Councillor Arthur has openly and persistently confronted Planning Minister Boles, on the impossibility of a 20 year target of 650 houses per annum.

So can we ask once more please, that Cllr Dawe should write in his column and meet the public, to explain how he has been to the highest levels of Government to confront the disingenuous spin and deception, that they call Planning Policy.

We have had public meetings where the Cabinet answers questions on policy (eg on Broadbridge Heath) and it would be perfectly reasonable now for the Cabinet to answer questions on their Local Plan, explaining why they have not contested the impossible housing targets.

Please Mr Dawe, stand up and be counted.

Call a public meeting, put the people before your masters in Westminster and don’t just roll over in the face of impossible housing targets.

Let us see you fight back.


Arun Road, Billingshurst