LETTER: Time to change A264 plans

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Your letters

The Horsham-Crawley cycle route will be a great asset for people cycling and for walkers, so J. Symmonds (letters 19 March) can be reassured that the Horsham District Cycle Forum is campaigning for this safe route to be completed whether or not Liberty’s development goes ahead.

To achieve this, Liberty will need to be involved because it controls a key piece of land next to the existing underpass.

As for the North of Horsham plan, the forum has been amongst those arguing strongly against it.

If the current plans are allowed to go ahead, there will be no proper crossings anywhere along the northern bypass -and it will be too late to do anything about it. Horsham will suffer for decades to come with more and more people forced into their cars adding to the traffic on our congested roads.

We have fought to be included in consultations because better crossings cannot be ‘tacked on’ at the last minute.

Doing nothing means we risk our children having to cross a dozen lanes of fast and heavy traffic in four or five separate stages. Bridges, high above the A264 embankment, are also a poor option.

It would be far better to give walkers and cyclists wide paths close to ground level while the bypass crosses on bridges above them.

This can be done as part of the huge civil engineering works that are already being planned along the A264.

Safe, direct and attractive routes for people who walk and cycle should be funded and delivered with at least the same priority as is being given to the massive new junctions for motor traffic.

The forum welcomes J. Symmonds and anyone else who wants to improve cycling in Horsham – your voice can help shape the debate. info@hdcf.org.uk


Horsham District Cycling Forum, Ashleigh Road, Horsham