Letter: This is not a free-for all area

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Your letters

Why haven’t the developers (all 12) included a hospital in their plans as both Brighton and Haywards Heath hospitals are already over-stretched and if so how many years wages are they going to pay for the following staff: Doctors, nurses and all associated hospital staff; ambulances; fire service; extra police; council services?

Schedule 1 protected birds are nesting near the proposed site - what conservation plans are they including for these rare birds and all other wildlife?

There is not enough water to provide for these extra dwellings nor the building works; where do they propose the extra water is going to be provided from?

The assertion that Brighton and Crawley have not provided (nor can they expand) for enough housing and do not have the land to do so is a complete fabrication. Crawley have already seeped their building into Horsham and surrounding areas including greenbelt land grabs and so have Brighton. Brighton can expand in that area not cross the borders into Mid Sussex. This contravenes the boundaries.

This is not a free-for-all area where developers can ride roughshot over local residents.

Concreting over all the south countryside is not a solution and why don’t they develop swathes of land suitable for development in the HS2 belt that being London to Birmingham. Is this not is because it is far more lucrative for them in the Gatwick Diamond?

V Hamilton

Haywards Heath