LETTER: Think again and provide facilities

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Your letters

As a member of the Horsham Indoor Bowling Club, I was appalled to hear that Horsham District Council is proposing to renege on its proposal to provide an alternative six rink indoor bowling facility, should the existing leisure facilities be redeveloped.

I understand that a four rink replacement, which has been spoken of, would not be viable, therefore the Horsham District would lose its club.

The existing facility provides gentle exercise and a social environment for several hundreds of Horsham District elderly residents. There is also a youth group and the opportunity for groups of visually and mentally impaired people to indulge in gentle exercise.

The proposal of creating an ice rink on the site is surely not serious. Such venues are expensive to create, maintain and run. There cannot be many curling players in the district and the legacy of ‘Sochi’ will not last long.

I urge the council to think again, and provide viable facilities for the indoor bowlers of Horsham District.


South Grove, Horsham