LETTER: Thanks for help following fall

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Your views

I must write and congratulate your citizens - or at least those who were in the Leisure Park complex on Sunday afternoon.

I tripped over a kerb and cut various parts of my body - although there were (thankfully) no bones broken - there was a fair amount of blood.

As soon as I fell, several people came over to help me - one pretty blonde lady insisted I sit down in the cinema complex, several people showed concern and offered me plasters and tissues which my wife and I used to clear my face and arms and legs.

I was touched with the kindness that they showed me.

Eventually I was able to continue my journey back to Rugby - and yet on my way back to my car another family approached me and showed great concern.

My wife drove me home and I am happy to say that apart from a black eye I have recovered.

Editor, you have citizens that you should be proud of.

Christopher Malthouse, Rugby