LETTER: Thanks for guide to public inquiry

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Your letters

Thank you to Joshua Powling for his article (Horsham edition, 18.09.14, p7) informing readers that the Public Inquiry into Cllr Vickers’ 20 year housing plan is to commence on 4 November, lasting nine days, in the Council Offices, North Street, Horsham.

I recently received my Horsham Council paid-for, 50 page glossy colour magazine ‘Horsham District News’ (Autumn 2014) through my door and there was no mention at all that a Public Inquiry was to be held in the autumn (I appreciate the exact date may not have been known) to examine this flawed housing plan. There was just no update or comments at all on where the housing plan process was following the vote in council in April 2014.

Cllr Helena Croft (Roffey North) who is cabinet member for Communications and Horsham Town, introduces the glossy magazine on page four with a full-page letter and photograph of herself with the green fields of Pulborough behind her in landscape running across the width of the page.

But since Cllr Croft voted for the plan to breach the Strategic Gap, tearing up a 30 year promise to the people of Horsham, one could see why she didn’t want the fact of the forthcoming Public Inquiry in the autumn to be published in her self-promoting magazine.


Owlscastle Close, Horsham