LETTER: Taxpayer will pay for infrastructure

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Your letters

In response to Horsham District Cycle Forum’s recent letter, the infrastructure for a greenfield build will be a bill to the taxpayer, more accurately, to each human being in the district at the rate of at least £150 per head. This high cost because this is a pure greenfield site - no infrastructure or public amenities at all.

Infrastructure for Southwater (previous preferred site, before C. Vickers threw out these plans) was already invested in by the taxpayer, but this outrageous council threw that investment aside and moved the primary development site to North Horsham - hence all that would be involved in a build on this site would be payable by us all again.

Any new engineering works that HDCF suggests would only be added to our bill (members of HDCF, you and I and all will pay for it).

HDCF can rest assured that neither HDC or Liberty is concerned with ensuring what would be in the best interests of the community here - this is about money and for reasons that are best left for another letter.

Regarding the cycle path on the A264, indeed, bridges as they are not appropriate and could overlook private gardens. Tunnels are not an option in close proximity to local properties on quiet residential streets.

Those of us who would remain in the proximity of this build do not want to see tunnels here. Nor do we want the modifications to the corner of Pondtail Drive and Pondtail Road - which need to be disclosed, as per Liberty’s flyer!

HDCF needs to think further about a solution. Wide cycle paths close to ground level and raising the bypass - this idea would need clarification.

Does this involve concrete shuttering at the level of a two-storey house, to shield local homes from being overlooked, although the traffic noise could not be moderated?

Perhaps HDCF could consider alternative routes for the cycle path to Crawley - Forest Road, as one of many examples, a pleasant cycle route that could be made safer without such grievious disruption and such enormous costs.

HDCF is a small group which does not represent the interests of all here. Sadly, few of us are in cycling shape enough to attempt to reach Crawley. HDCF should consider the needs and views of the community at large - all against this proposed build.

It is pointless for this group to extract promises from HDC and Liberty Trust.

Implying that this build would be acceptable if a cycle route was incorporated is unreasonable - HDCF does not represent the views of the majority, most of whom do not cycle to Crawley but wish to keep the character of the town intact and for development to take place on appropriate sites, with some community benefits (schools, hospitals) included.

HDCF should also note that the traffic study, which supports this build for legal purposes (and which has been circulated around the town) erroneously claims that the North of Horsham site is something like 45 minutes walk to town and 20 minutes cycle.

There have not been any good ideas as to how to make this unsuitable site fit into the town and abide by planning criteria - this is an irreconcilable site.

No small supposed concession to a marginal group such as HDCF would make all that is involved here acceptable to the majority.


Pondtail Drive, Horsham