LETTER: Tarred with a peculiar brush

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Your letters

I write in response to the letter from Mr Dearsley under your heading ‘Ballot box is a tricky institution’.

I am a nearby neighbour of Mr Dearsley’s in Warnham, and I must say in answer to his recent letter that I was dismayed to see a large placard for UKIP on a public verge, evidently outside his home.

His use of public land surely gives the impression that the entire area shares the same misguided and repugnant views - a promotion of racism, homophobia, anti-immigration and bizarre policies such as the denial of man-made global warming.

Whilst I can regretfully conceive these issues may be of concern to some people, might I boldly suggest that they contact any of the major political parties, and request some honest information about the enormous benefits that immigration has brought to this country over many decades?

Considering that we live in one of the most affluent areas not only in the UK, but in the world, I find it extraordinary that Mr Dearsley clearly believes that his life has only been influenced negatively by this country’s immigration policies.

Could I ask if he has ever used public transport? Or maybe even the NHS? If so, perhaps he would consider taking a brief glance at the history books covering the latter half of the last century, and then reassessing whether he has the right to tar the residents of Warnham with his sadly peculiar brush?


Marshes Road, Warnham