Letter: Surprised to see myself

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Your letters

I was very surprised to see my 13 year old self looking back at me when I opened the pages of your ‘Looking Back’ feature.

I am one of the Hulu Hulu girls from 1986.

My best friend at the time, Nicola Bellinger, is leaning on my shoulder and the only other member of the group I can recall is Louise Cowley.

I still have the original paper cutting of the report with the headline ‘South Sea shivers’.

It definitely was very cold on the day the photo was taken on the netball courts at Warden Park. It was taken to promote the schools production of The Tolpuddle Martyrs written by Mr Fielder, the music teacher.

Our dance appeared in the trial scene to emphasise what a farce it was that the Tolpuddle Martyrs were given no defence by their own lawyer. We all made our own garlands using crepe paper, and wore bikinis and grass skirts.

I found it strange at the time and even stranger now that we were chosen to have our photo taken for the newspaper!

Nicky Searle (nee Miles)

by email