LETTER: Support for new railway station?

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Your letters

I note with interest that HDC is supporting the new Parkway Station proposed by Liberty Property Trust. Perhaps someone should warn them to take that with a pinch of salt.

I would draw your (and their) attention to an article published in the Crawley Observer on 29th August this year, concerning the proposal for a new railway station at Kilnwood Vale.

This quotes Cllr Chris Oxlade (Lab), who represents Bewbush, as saying, ‘A new railway station is an integral part of the development for access and to ensure we don’t have a huge deluge of road users hitting Bewbush and west of Crawley, so I will be interested to know why HDC says it is unfeasible when it’s been in the plans for years’.

I wonder if this about-face by HDC has anything to do with its recent unseemly rush to get into bed with Liberty? And will Liberty also get left at the altar if Network Rail refuses to support plans for the new station, as it has at Kilnwood Vale?


Primrose Copse, Horsham