LETTER: Stretching out our kind hands

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Your letters

Rain, floods, power cuts, falling trees - not quite the Christmas many people had planned for.

Our hearts go out to those whom the storm affected in this way. It was unexpected hardship. Life however doesn’t always go as planned. We can be confronted with sudden pain, loss and difficulties.

What is important though is how we react. We can let things pull us right down and give up or we can cope as best we can and accept help from God and other people. Also important is how we respond to others going through tough times. It was inspiring to read the offer on Facebook of a lady who offered her spare room and a Christmas meal for anyone locally without electricity or made homeless by the storm. How kind.

We don’t know what 2014 will suddenly confront us or others with. There are those around who will hopefully help and God is always there to strengthen and comfort us - if we let him.

But may we too be among those who are willing to stretch out kind hands, give of money, offer time, meals or homes to those confronting hardship in various ways this coming year. That will surely make life a lot easier for us all.


Life Community Baptist Church, Horsham