LETTER: Stop moaning about Horsham

Your letters
Your letters

I thought it time, to comment on all the letters that slate our council at every opportunity and constantly moan about Horsham.

My opinion and that of very many of my friends in and around Horsham is that the council do a very good job for the town.

Surely the people that generally voice their vehement objection to every change in these columns have nothing better to do or perhaps have some other agenda.

I cannot understand why column inches are given each and every week to the Horsham Society who have little positive to contribute about anything – who are they anyway?

The housing strategy that was announced recently appears to offer a good solution and bring a much-needed mix of economic and social development.

Crawsham? Looks to me like that site is north of Horsham not east. A London Borough in Sussex? I don’t think so.

Putting Bill’s Restaurant into the Old Town Hall and the pedestrianisation of East Street has worked brilliantly.

Attracting larger stores like Waitrose and maybe John Lewis to Horsham and moving the Ford garage to Broadbridge Heath – fantastic.

The events that happen in and around Horsham, especially the Piazza Italia- genius.

Horsham is improving all the time and we love it. Having been a resident in Horsham for 15 years, I for one would like to say thank you to all those that work so hard to make it such a great place!


Friday Street, Warnham