LETTER: Still making a difference at 90

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Your letters

Horsham Rotary Club thanks everybody who has supported our various events and appeals in this, our 90th anniversary year. With a record number of members (as far as anyone can recall !) and a decreasing average age, the club literally spans the generations with members as young as 29 to those who are young at heart at 91 !

As well as hosting the Charity Market at Horsham’s recent successful Sparks in the Park event, we also organised, in association with Horsham District Council, for families who have children with Special Needs to have a magical morning in the park with free use of Benson’ s Funfair rides, Busydays Face Painting and Sussex Fun Days soft play equipment. Funfairs get a lot of negative press but we would like to thank Bensons for opening their fair to youngsters who otherwise would not be able to enjoy ‘ all the fun of the fair’ as the normal noise and crowds would make the experience impossible for many of them. Hundreds of people had a very special and different Sunday morning.

During the last months we have continued to support the Horsham Community with our ‘making a difference to Horsham’ scheme and have now donated over £35,000 to about 200 requests for help during the last 27 months. If you know of any people or organisations where a little help will make a significant difference, please let us know by emailing us at horshamrotary@btconnect.com with brief details of the need and we will do our best to try to help.


Horsham Rotary Club, Greens Lane, Mannings Heath