LETTER: Stark reminder of forces of nature

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Your letters

The recent bad weather and resulting floods have caused quite a stir. I heard on the radio of one politician who claimed they were a judgement from God because of a law passed in the UK.

While he and I might understand these things differently, we would probably agree that they were a stark reminder, of the limited control we have over the forces of nature.

Little wonder then that the question was asked of those who saw Jesus ‘Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.’

Many of the things that Jesus said and did were meant to reveal something about him. The act of commanding the wind and waves effectively, certainly comes into that category.

For me, it speaks of his being so much more than just a good man or moral teacher. It says something about his ‘Being in very nature God’. A description Paul uses in Philippians chapter two.

What does it say to you I wonder?


Minister at Trafalgar Road Baptist Church, Horsham