LETTER: Sounds like a stadium complex

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Your letters

If Horsham Football Club want to compete in The Ryman Football League, surely they will need more facilities than just ‘one and half pitches and a clubhouse’?

With reference to John Lines’ statement in the West Sussex County Times (6/2/14), ‘I want to again say we are not building a football stadium…’

I beg to differ. The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of a stadium is: ‘Noun (plural stadiums or stadia) an athletic or sports ground with tiers of seats for spectators.’

Football Association rules state that the football club will need covered accommodation with seating, floodlights, a public address system and a minimum capacity, which can run into the thousands.

All this, surrounded by two artificial pitches and a clubhouse that can be used seven days a week, sounds like a stadium complex to me.


Worthing Road, Horsham