Letter: Something needs to be done about Arundel’s appalling congestion

With reference to ‘Letters to the Editor’ and correspondence from Richard Foster: “Many people do not want any more wrecking of the countryside.”

Nobody wants the countryside wrecked, but something needs to be done about the unacceptable and appalling congestion around Arundel.

The Arundel bypass is one of those well know British phenomenon ‘The quick fix’. It’s where something is bodged to overcome a problem knowing full well it will have to be readdressed at a later date at double the cost.

The A27 from Crossbush through to Tortington would not be a bypass to by pass a bypass.

It would be a newly constructed road to replace the worn out, dangerous and inadequate road that’s not fit for today’s transport needs.

The reason why we need to upgrade the A27 is not just to appease the 25,000 or so motorists that use the road daily but to put in place a proper road infrastructure that can cope with the ever increasing traffic volumes of tomorrow which will arise from the planned new housing developments throughout Sussex.

We need a decent A27 to encourage local business and new businesses to invest, thrive and create jobs. Mr Foster’s suggestions will do the complete opposite.

He is totally unaware of the fantastic efforts made by ‘Sussex Enterprise’ and the uphill struggle they have to support local businesses.

He should also be aware that without a proper road system in place businesses, tourism and industry will eventually dry up bringing more neglect to Littlehampton and the surrounding areas, and the loss of job opportunities.

Does Mr Foster really believe things should stay as they are? I don’t think so! The A27 is one of the busiest trunk roads in the United Kingdom and when the government hears negative words from people like him it sends out the wrong signals.

We need positive and proactive input, not negative responses. No, we don’t want unnecessary destruction of our countryside, especially through Binstead woods when there are alternatives. But we do need something to be done.

The reason why we haven’t got a new A27 is quite simple. It’s financial and when the need out weighs the cost rest assured the money will be found.

To put into perspective. In 1863 The Southern Railway Company built a railway through the middle of the Arun Valley, or as Mr Foster would put it, they smashed their way through water meadows, green fields and ancient woodlands. Then, to top it all, every few hours, a noisy locomotive would travel along its newly laid tracks spewing out large quantities of black carbon monoxide smoke, setting fire to wheat fields and ruining the quiet tranquillity of the countryside.

And guess what? All in the name of ‘money making interests’. Today the line is electrified where trains pass almost unnoticed. Yes, all in the name of progress.

The A27, or the so called Folkestone to Honiton bypass was conceived in 1933, that’s 73 years ago and today traffic still trundles down Arundel hill and over the railway bridge designed for a horse and cart.

Isn’t it time we all woke up and make a few decisions before its too late!?

John Boxall

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