Letter: Should we leave important matters to ‘experts’?

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Your views

Last week’s article from Cllr Brenda Burgess on behalf of Crawley Conservatives raised the local issues of fracking, a second Gatwick runway and locating a new cemetery.

This lightning tour of complex issues suggested it was all a bit too difficult for individuals to bother their heads about but that in the end intelligent experts would help us out.

Both Brenda and I were teachers. I prefer to believe in the Thomas Jefferson maxim that “a people both ignorant and free there never was and never will be.”

Perhaps the Balcombe protesters are not just Nimbys welcoming campers who like increasing Sussex policing costs.

Chernobyl nuclear power plant was planned, constructed and run by experts. A few days after it exploded I was walking from 5 to 8am through the soft radiation loaded rain falling on Galloway.

It led to the year’s long banning of meat consumption from animals on British lands that rain fell on.

Should we place our trust in the Tory wisdom that currently wastes our money on dubious vanity projects, spectacularly failing free schools, flightless aircraft carriers or eye wateringly expensive high speed rail going half way to where it should?

In Crawley, careful Tory planning is currently erecting the hideous concrete canyon looming over the north end of a High Street we will negotiate with the same difficulty as at the Asda south end.

Must Crawley people really leave it to our Tory betters who will provide more tombs in town, thousands of unnecessary aircraft above us and wealth creating oil and gas extraction from beneath us?

Perhaps Brenda will follow Claire Denman, her fellow local planning enthusiast and Tory Councillor, by moving to the countryside.

Dave Hathaway, Three Bridges